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Judith Palmer and James Watts

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Serving the needs of piano users in the Delaware Valley for over 40 years

Services We Offer

Tuning & Voicing

Quality tuning, crisp unisons, concert temperament to bring your piano to life

Repairs & Cleaning

Sticking keys, noisy pedals, we fix it all, including soundboard cleaning

Climate Control Installation

We are certified installers for Dampp-Chaser Systems, which protects your piano from damaging impacts from seasonal humidity changes


For piano purchases, sales, insurance, or for improving your instrument


We bring your piano back to its original playing condition


We make sure each key plays as it should, and all the parts in the action work correctly

Who We Are



Judith Palmer is a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) in the Piano Technician Guild (PTG). She specializes in action rebuilding, including touch weight analysis and correction. Judith’s extensive piano service experience has involved piano tuning for Norah Jones and Queen Latifah, as well as servicing the pianos at World Café Live.



Jamie Watts is a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) in the Piano Technician Guild (PTG), a graduate of the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology with highest honors. His service record includes tuning for, The Disco Biscuits, World Cafe Live, and Cunningham Piano Factory.


The sound James Watts got out of the piano by working on it is truly extraordinary. The intervals are not just true, they are so true that they are beautiful. His tuning makes the piano inspiring to play better, and it enables compositional imagination by rendering clearly even difficult to hear intervals.


Philadelphia Area Composer
I absolutely love Judith Palmer's piano services, and heartily recommend her. She has always been completely professional, and her work is superb. It seems to me that she has a certain "sympatico" with every piano she services. I have had to call her for last minute "emergency" repairs and tweaks literally hours before a major concert, and she is always cheery and thrilled to be of help.


Fitzmartin Productions, LLC
In all my years of having Judith service and tune my piano and the pianos of my students I have had nothing but fantastic results. She is thorough, diligent, precise, consistent, and most importantly has a genuine love for every instrument she works on. She is also a warm, friendly and exceedingly delightful person and I have never had a second thought about recommending her to anyone who needs quality piano work done on their piano.


Philadelphia are composer, producer, performer, and instructor